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Do You Have Questions About Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation (also called workman’s compensation, work comp or workers’ comp) is a benefit that the state requires your employer to provide. Unfortunately, many people are hesitant to file a workers’ comp claim either because of fear of retaliation, unclear requirements or a lack of familiarity.

We want to make this very clear – your employer pays for workers’ compensation because it is your right.

To help you better understand workers’ comp and how it works, we have compiled some commonly asked questions:

Am I Going To Get Fired If I Hire A Lawyer?

Your employer cannot fire you for hiring a lawyer. Connecticut law prohibits employers from firing you or discriminating against you based on an existing or prior workers’ compensation claim. If your employer discriminated against you or wrongfully discharged you from work, call our office. We will help you file for the compensation you deserve.

Will Workers’ Comp Cover All My Medical Bills?

Your workers’ comp benefits will cover your medical bills for all necessary medical care your attending physician recommends, time away from work and any prescriptions your doctor prescribes.

Can I Pick My Own Doctor?

Yes. You have the right to choose any doctor you want. If your employer provides medical insurance benefits, the state may ask you to choose an in-network doctor.

Am I Going To Be Paid While Out On Workers’ Comp?

Yes. You must be paid for your time off work on the day of injury and your workers’ comp will cover temporary, partial or permanent disability claims.

Speak Directly To An Attorney

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