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Motorcyclists face significant hazards on the road

The enjoyment of being out on the open road is one of the primary allures of riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the adrenaline rush that motorcyclists experience is accompanied by particularly significant dangers.

Most motorcyclists are very safe riders because they’re intimately familiar with the hazards they face. They just want to get to their destination safely. Yet, motorists are not always so conscious of the challenges that motorcycle riders regularly encounter.

All motorists, whether they’re on a motorcycle or in another vehicle, should remember take particular care when it comes to the following specific hazards.

Limited visibility to other drivers

One of the primary hazards of motorcycle riding is the limited visibility of motorcycles to other drivers. Motorcycles are much smaller than cars, trucks and buses, making them less visible in a driver’s field of vision. This is particularly true in blind spots, at intersections and during adverse weather conditions.

Unsafe lane changes by other drivers

Unsafe lane changes by other drivers pose a significant hazard to motorcyclists. When drivers fail to check their blind spots or signal their intentions before changing lanes, they can easily collide with a motorcycle riding alongside them. This hazard is exacerbated in heavy traffic, where space is limited and quick lane changes are more common.

Sudden stops and tailgating

Another danger for motorcyclists is sudden stops by vehicles ahead of them. Motorcycles have a shorter stopping distance than cars, but if a vehicle abruptly stops or slows down without warning, the motorcyclist may not have enough time to react, leading to rear-end collisions. Tailgating by other drivers also increases this risk because motorcyclists need adequate space to safely come to a stop without being hit from behind.

Distracted driving

When drivers are distracted by their phones, navigation systems or other activities, they are less likely to notice motorcycles on the road. This lack of attention can lead to dangerous situations where drivers fail to yield the right of way, make unsafe lane changes or even drift into a motorcyclist’s lane.

Aggressive driving and road rage

Aggressive driving such as speeding, weaving through traffic and aggressive lane changes can catch motorcyclists off guard. These leave little time for them to react and avoid a crash. Road rage incidents, where drivers intentionally harass or attempt to intimidate motorcyclists, can lead to dangerous confrontations and accidents.

Motorcyclists who suffer an injury because of another motorist’s negligence may claim compensation to help cover their medical expenses and other costs. This is a complex undertaking, so working with a legal representative on such cases is generally wise.

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