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The dangers of overexertion injuries in the workplace

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Overexertion injuries are the second most prevalent workplace injuries in the United States, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Although they are not as attention-grabbing as other workplace injuries, repetitive stress and overexertion injuries can be equally dangerous as they can develop over time without being noticed.

Recognizing the effects of overexertion

Repetitive stress injuries stem from physical exertion that pushes the body beyond its limits. It can happen to anyone, regardless of the nature of their work.

Office workers who spend hours at their desks making repetitive keystrokes have a considerable risk of injuring themselves as much as factory employees performing the same motions on an assembly line daily.

Back injuries are among the most common consequences of overexertion in the workplace, which often lead to debilitating pain, costly medical treatments and extended time away from work in extreme cases.

Strategies to avoid repetitive stress injuries

Preventing overexertion requires proactive measures from both the employer and employees. Workers must be vigilant about their work habits. Asking for help in any physical activity can go a long way in mitigating overexertion injuries, as does taking frequent breaks to rest and stretch.

Employers must train employees to perform physical tasks correctly to prevent muscle strain. Workstations must be designed to minimize strain and support employees’ natural movements.

Repetitive stress and overexertion are a pervasive concern in today’s modern workplace, affecting millions of workers in the US. Their gradual onset and wide-ranging impact make them significantly harmful to individual workers and businesses alike.

Recognizing the signs of overexertion early and fostering a workplace culture with health and safety at the center is crucial to addressing these issues.

For workers suffering from the effects of overexertion, it is essential to seek medical attention and legal advice immediately to understand their rights and options for compensation.

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