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Is the hotel responsible for accidents that may happen to me?

Even the most meticulously planned trips can face disruptions such as accidents and unexpected injuries. If this happens in the hotel you are staying in, can you file for legal recourse to compensate for losses? The answer depends on the circumstances.

How do I know if I am eligible for a claim?

The possibility of a personal injury claim relies on the concept of negligence. You may file for compensation if you prove the hotel’s carelessness caused your injury. Hotels have the legal responsibility to provide a safe environment for their guests. This includes proper maintenance of the premises, well-trained staff and explicit warnings about potential hazards.

Hotels must also uphold their duty of care. Examples include promptly wiping a slippery floor to prevent slipups, repairing a malfunctioning elevator that may cause a fall or providing ample and trained security personnel to avoid potential assaults.

Gather evidence to strengthen your case

Before reporting to the hotel management, seek medical attention first. You may document your injuries and obtain copies of all your medical reports and bills for future reference. You may also take photos of the accident scene, the hazard that caused it and written statements from witnesses.

The legalities surrounding personal injury claims can be complex. Having legal guidance by your side who can assess the situation may evaluate the likelihood of a successful claim.

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