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Seat belts save lives but they can still cause injuries 

Seatbelts have been a component in every modern care for a number of years now. While opinions may still differ, there is an overwhelming body of work that indicates seat belts save lives

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that they cannot cause injuries. If you’ve been in a collision and worn your seatbelts, then your life may have been saved. However, this doesn’t mean you’ve escaped physical pain and suffering. Outlined below are some injuries commonly caused by seat belts

Shoulder injuries 

Seat belts hold you in place by wrapping around your shoulders and torso. The material they are made from doesn’t have much give. If it was elasticated then it would not serve its intended purpose of holding you in place. If the force of a crash makes your body want to travel one way, and the seat belt prevents this, a lot of pain can be placed on your shoulders. The part of the belt that is wrapped around your shoulder may cause it to tear, dislocate and even fracture.

Internal injuries 

Typically, there are two main seat belt components. One part wraps over your shoulder and chest while the other comes across your waist and lower torso. Your lower torso does not have the protection of the rib cage. Thus, during a collision, the belt may put a lot of pressure on your internal organs, causing them to bleed. Internal bleeding has the potential to be deadly, which is why it is so important you are checked for this after a crash. 

While you take every precaution to drive safely, you can’t directly influence other road users. If someone else’s negligence has caused you physical and emotional suffering, then you may be entitled to legal compensation. Make sure you seek legal guidance so that you know which steps to take next. 




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