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Traumatic brain injuries can lead to lifelong disabilities

Traumatic brain injuries can lead to lifelong disabilities

Motor vehicle crashes and falls are two common causes of traumatic brain injuries. These can impact a person’s life. In some cases, they cause permanent disabilities that require the person to change the way they live completely.

These injuries can be very costly to deal with. They often require extensive medical care, as well as therapy. The person may also need help with basic life care, which can also be costly. Overall, the cost of traumatic brain injuries each year in the United States is around $76.5 billion.

No blow to the head is necessary

One thing that you might not realize is that you don’t need a hit to the head to end up with a traumatic brain injury. Instead, the violent motion of a car wreck or the impact of a fall can jostle the head around enough so that the brain hits the inside of the skull, which can cause damage to the brain.

The severity of the damage and the type of injury can impact what effects you’ll have from it. Changes in speech, muscle weakness, loss of memory, slow thinking and difficulty concentrating are some of the problematic effects that can make life much more difficult to live than it was prior to the injury.

Anyone who suffers a traumatic brain injury because of a negligent party should ensure they take steps to seek compensation. This can help them to recover damages associated with the incident. This includes things like money to cover their medical bills, as well as lost wages. The law in Connecticut limits how long you have to do this after the injury occurs, so take swift action.

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