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Most car accidents happen close to home

When you study historical data, you’ll find that most car accidents are not on remote or distant roads that people haven’t traveled before. Most of the time, these crashes just happen relatively close to home. In fact, one study noted that the majority of them occur within 7 seven miles of the driver’s home

There are a few different reasons for this, such as drivers becoming complacent on roads that they are very familiar with. But the main reason is just that this is where most people do most of their driving. The average person doesn’t spend that much time driving 20 miles from their home, so their exposure to accident risks just happens close to where they live.

A major risk for parents

This is a risk for any age group, but it’s especially important to consider for parents who are driving their kids around. As children grow up, they often start to develop very packed schedules. A parent may have three children who all have to go to and from school. One of those children may be on the football team, meaning they have to go to practices and games. Another one may be in the drama club, with rehearsals and performances, while the third child is very involved with their friends and needs to be driven between homes.

As children develop more and more extracurricular activities, parents spend an increased amount of time driving on these roads close to their houses. This may start to feel very routine and familiar, but it is where they are at the greatest risk of being involved in a serious accident. If another driver causes that accident, then these parents may need to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, injuries to their children and much more.

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