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3 kinds of aggressive driving tactics

Driving benefits people in many ways. It shortens the time people have to travel to get food and clothing. It helps people quickly get to their jobs. It also makes it easier for people to travel long distances. But, driving isn’t without dangers.

One of the most common dangers for drivers is other drivers, particularly those who engage in aggressive or outright hostile behaviors behind the wheel. Here are several aggressive driving tactics you should watch for:

1. Speeding

Some drivers enjoy how fast their cars can go. They may use their speed to swerve around other vehicles with impunity. However, speeding can increase the rate of accidents. A speeding driver is less likely to have control over their vehicle. A speeding driver may also struggle to stop their vehicle before an accident. Other drivers may also have a hard time predicting the actions of a speeding car. 

2. Tailgating

One way drivers will act aggressively toward others is by tailgating. Tailgating happens when a driver is close to the back of another vehicle. This kind of action is often done to put pressure on another car to move. However, if the vehicle in front suddenly has to stop, the tailgater may not have time to stop the vehicle to prevent an accident.

3. Brake checking

Another way drivers will act aggressively is by stopping their vehicle in front of another car. This is often done out of anger to startle drivers. However, suddenly braking a car in front of another, especially on the highway, may not give the car enough time to slow down to a stop. This kind of action can lead to accidents.

Drivers can protect themselves by being defensive, but it sometimes isn’t enough. An auto accident may lead to severe injuries and losses. Drivers need to be aware of their legal options to get compensated for their medical bills.

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