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Who chooses the doctor for a Connecticut workers’ comp claim?

People in any profession could get hurt at work with little warning. Retail employees could end up injured during an attempted robbery, while plumbers might get hurt while handling tools. Whatever causes someone’s injury while working, they are often empowered to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

The Connecticut workers’ compensation program protects employers from liability that relates to work injuries and employees from the possibility of incurring major expenses because they get hurt or sickened by their employment. Part-time workers and those in just about any profession are theoretically eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, which include medical coverage and disability benefits. The medical treatment provided during a workers’ compensation claim can have a major influence on someone’s future, so understanding the ins and outs of receiving care is important for workers who have sustained harm.

The first appointment involves the employer’s selection

The rules for workers’ compensation in Connecticut confuse many people who try to handle their claims without professional support. Unlike some states, which allow the injured worker or their employer to choose the physician, Connecticut has a system that falls somewhere in the middle of those two approaches. The first medical appointment associated with someone’s workers’ compensation claim will need to occur with a physician or medical facility designated by the employer. However, after the initial evaluation, workers who need ongoing treatment have the option of selecting their own physician.

There are numerous medical professionals and facilities within the state that cooperate with the workers’ compensation program, and workers in need of treatment can potentially select any of those professionals to oversee and administer their treatment. Selecting the right physician is one of the most important steps in a workers’ compensation claim, as they determine what treatment someone requires, which accommodations are necessary for a return to work and even if they can return to work at all.

Those who understand the rules that govern the medical benefits available through workers’ compensation in Connecticut will have an easier time getting the support that they require for maximum recovery. Seeking legal guidance to learn more about the rules for medical benefits provided by workers’ compensation in Connecticut may benefit those worried about the care that they will receive after an injury at work.

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