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3 summer driving habits that can cause auto accidents

The upcoming summer is forecast to be another scorching one. Many individuals will take advantage of the long-overdue heat and sunshine now that summer is almost here.

While you should take advantage of your time off and soak in the sun, you should also be aware of a few summer driving hazards. What you should know is this:

1. Using shades during the night

Using shades during the day can greatly reduce glare and blindness from the sun. Some drivers may still use their shades as the sun sets. Either because drivers forget to take off their shades or don’t realize it’s getting darker, using shades at night can limit a driver’s visibility. This can greatly raise the risk of auto accidents.  Drivers may also find that it’s harder to see with their shades when going through tunnels unless they have transition shades that change with the light.

2. Driving wearing sandals

Wearing sandals during the summer can be relaxing and reduce sweat. While sandals are comfortable, they don’t provide the same kind of traction as shoes. Drivers may have difficulties putting their foot on a brake if they are wearing sandals. The sandals may slip off the brake. 

Furthermore, the back of the sandals could slip behind the pedals and make it so that a driver isn’t able to press down on the brake. As a result, a driver may struggle to stop a car before it hits another vehicle. 

3. Not drinking enough liquids

People require a certain amount of liquids a day. As it gets warmer, a person’s liquid intake may need to increase. One reason for this is that people could experience heatstroke without enough water intake.

Drivers may be at an increased risk of heatstroke if they don’t drink enough water and have enough ventilation in a vehicle. Having the windows down may not be enough to prevent heat stroke. People may need to have their air conditioner on and the windows down, but many drivers don’t have that option.

Understanding your legal rights

You may be a safe summer driver but many other drivers aren’t prepared for the heat. If you’re in an accident, you may need to reach out for legal help to understand your rights.

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