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Spotlight falls on this motoring group as spring progresses

As the seasons shift, so too do the inclinations of one singular group of enthusiasts anxious to get out and about on Connecticut roadways.

It’s the same every year, and a virtual rite of annual passage: As the snow melts away and winter’s unobliging weather recedes, Connecticut’s eager pool of motorcyclists begins to literally gear up for entry onto streets and highways spanning the state.

Motorcyclists comprise a diverse behind-the-wheel population. Riders and their passengers span myriad age groups and just about every occupation. Riding a motorcycle is more than a mere means of conveyance for legions of riders. Indeed, it is passion.

Notwithstanding the sheer variance existing within the biking demographic, though, there is great unanimity among motorcyclists on this one point: They are materially exposed when out in traffic and face a comparatively high degree of risk and linked injury.

That is unsurprising, obviously, and owing largely to the negligent driving behaviors of other motorists. One authoritative Connecticut legal source on motorcycle accidents and injuries duly stresses that “many motorists fail to see bikers.”

That is flatly unforgivable, regardless of any offered excuse. Motorcyclists have the same rights and prerogatives as all other motorists in Connecticut. Negligent third-party behind-the-wheel behavior – whether speeding, swerving, tailgaiting or anything else – that causes an injury to motorcyclists and their passengers can be addressed by a personal injury claim seeking maximum compensation.

Sad and sobering: Connecticut motorcycle crash stats

One Connecticut media source underscores in an article from a recent year the sheer gravity of adverse motorcycle crash outcomes. Specifically, it cites to a prominent safety advocate noting that, “Motorcycle fatalities are a significant issue here in Connecticut, even more so than in most other states.” Here are some relevant numbers to back up that assertion:

  • Reportedly, close to 18% of all traffic deaths being motorcyclists
  • Estimated fatality rate for bikers and their passengers in motor vehicle crashes a stunning 28 times higher than for car occupants
  • Increasing biker fatality rate despite a lower level of traffic deaths overall

Pursuing a meaningful legal remedy for motorcycle crash injuries

A proven personal injury legal team with a deep well of experience representing vehicle accident victims can broadly promote the interests of an injured client and loved ones following a negligence-tied motorcycle crash. A pursued remedy aggressively seeking maximum compensation can focus on the following and additional matters:

  • Payment of medical expenses and future therapies
  • Securing of lost wages
  • Full identification of and accountability assigned for responsible parties
  • Prompt and effective communication with insurers
  • Comprehensive assessment of every possible recovery source

A motor vehicle accident yielding serious injuries can be a life-upending event. An experienced and empathetic legal team can help ensure that a victim’s legal rights and interests in the wake of a crash are maximally promoted.

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