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Stay safe for the 100 days of summer

The span of days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day are collectively referred to as the “100 Days of Summer.” These months present enhanced safety challenges for motorists because more people are on the road during the summer months.

One particularly vulnerable group is the youngest drivers. Newly licensed teens are out in droves on the roads in the summer, driving to and from work, out with friends and on their way to sporting events. Below are some tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to help keep you and your family safer when you head out on the highway this summer.

Plan ahead

Long weekends like Memorial Day put more people on the roads, thus increasing the chances of accidents. Do your part to stay safe by making sure that you allow enough time to get to your destination. Check your route online for any detours or traffic before leaving home so that you can plan accordingly.

Maintain your vehicle

Threadbare tires, dry-rotted belts and other worn parts can cause or contribute to an auto accident. Make sure to carry out routine maintenance tasks on your vehicle to make sure it’s in good operating order.

Drive sober

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is a bad idea. Yet countless motorists imbibe and climb behind the wheel regardless, often leading to tragedy. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating with a few drinks with friends and family. Just plan to spend the night or arrange for a sober ride home from the party.

Watch out for dangerous drivers

Your own driving behavior may be without reproach, but you are only as safe as those driving alongside you on the roads. Give a wide berth to anyone who is driving aggressively, swerving between lanes or otherwise appears impaired.

If you get into a car accident, make sure to protect your right to seek compensation from the other at-fault driver.

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