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The danger of left-hand turn motorcycle accidents

Any type of accident is dangerous on a motorcycle, but left-hand turn accidents are among the most dangerous you can ever experience. These crashes are often fatal or lead to severe injuries, and they are very hard for a motorcyclist to avoid.

The reason they are difficult to avoid is that they happen when another driver makes a mistake and turns left in front of a motorcycle. This can occur when there is two-way traffic, so all left turns have to cross in front of oncoming traffic. Drivers often fail to see motorcycles or make incorrect judgment calls about their speed or distance, leading to an accident.

Why do drivers make these mistakes?

Studies have found that the human brain often sees what it expects to see. This is one of the reasons that people fail to notice motorcycles. Since they are so much less common, people get used to looking for cars and trucks. The brain may not even register that a motorcycle is there when the driver is clearly looking at it.

Additionally, motorcycles have inherent differences that make them harder to see. Many motorcycles are made with dark colors, such as black or gray, causing them to blend into the pavement. 

They are much smaller than other vehicles, they only have one headlight, and so they are less visible. Furthermore, the small size often makes them appear to be farther away than they really are. When drivers are taking just a split second to decide if it’s safe to turn, they often do not factor this into the equation.

As a motorcyclist, this means that you could be struck and injured by a negligent driver, with no way to avoid the crash at that moment. If this happens to you, it’s important to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and other costs.

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