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2 safety tips when setting up scaffolding 

Construction work provides a steady source of income for workers across Norwich, Connecticut. There are always new projects in the pipeline as well as older buildings that need to be repaired. 

It is no secret that the construction industry is one of the most hazardous, with over 1000 workers per year suffering fatal injuries. Many of the accidents that cause these injuries are the result of falls from a height. On multi-story buildings, scaffolding platforms provide access to high areas. Nonetheless, it is vital that this equipment is set up safely. Outlined below are a few important points to consider. 

1. Use guard rails 

With scaffolding, it is never worth taking any shortcuts. The frame must be well supported and there should also be guard rails across the platform. Guard rails provide a point of balance for workers as they make their way up and down the structure. If a worker does happen to lose their balance, then a guardrail could just stop them from falling over the edge. 

2. Look for solid foundations 

It is best to think of the scaffolding as a structure itself. As with all structures, the foundation needs to be solid. In the case of scaffolding, the ground on which it is situated should be level. Uneven foundations on scaffolding platforms mean that they could become unstable when in use, meaning that someone falls off or the structure collapses altogether, injuring anyone that is in its path. 

A focus on safety will help to protect you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough to prevent work-related accidents. If you have been injured on the job, be sure to look into your legal options

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