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6 possible effects of a motor vehicle accident

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is worrying. Even though the crash may occur in a split second, you may experience its effects for a long time. Different elements influence the severity of the accident. 

Thus, people involved in the same accident may experience effects. But here are six common ones:

1. Injuries

Injuries are common in crashes. Examples are broken bones, cuts, sprains, tissue damage, whiplash, brain injuries and neck injuries. 

2. Medical costs

You need to seek medical attention after a car accident, whether the injury is minor or major. A health expert will analyze and determine the severity of your injury. Accordingly, this will result in medical expenses, including ambulance fees, medical tests, treatment, medications, traveling costs to appointments, physical therapy, disability costs and medical equipment.

3. Lost wages

The injuries you get in an accident may make it impossible for you to work. This means you will lose wages. In addition to your salary, you will miss out on bonuses and career advancement opportunities you would have benefited from if you were working.

4. Vehicle damage

Your car will be damaged from a crash. As a result, you may need to replace it if the damage is significant or repair it. Besides, your vehicle’s value may diminish after a repair.

5. Pain and suffering

Injuries cause physical and emotional pain. You may have aches and a hard time performing activities. Further, it may not be easy to enjoy life. This pain and suffering can lead to mental health issues like depression.

6. Death

A motor vehicle accident can be fatal. You may lose a loved one on the accident scene or when receiving treatment.

Car accidents result in life-changing effects. If you or your loved one is injured in an accident, fight for your rights to receive fair compensation.  

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