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Time limits for filing a Connecticut workers’ compensation claim

Workers in Connecticut are protected by workers’ compensation, which is a no-fault insurance most employers are required to have. According to state law, state agencies can’t deny workers the ability to file a claim, and if a business has at least one employee, it must have this coverage. 

This type of worker protection is beneficial; however, workers must abide by stipulations. For example, there are limitations regarding how long you have to file your claim. This is called the statute of limitations. 

Work-related illnesses

Workers who believe they developed an illness or disease due to their work environment have three years to file a workers’ compensation claim. The clock starts ticking when you’re first diagnosed or have reasonable suspicion that you’re sick.

Work-related physical injuries

For physical injuries that occur on the job, the time limit is shorter for you to file a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, you have just one year to file. 

Even if you were partly to blame for the injury, Connecticut’s workers’ compensation program is no-fault. This means you can still receive benefits. The only time this isn’t possible is if you were intoxicated, tried to injure yourself or engaged in horseplay when the incident occurred. 

File your workers’ compensation claim right away

To avoid potential issues related to your workers’ compensation claim, it’s best to file the required documentation as soon as you can. While you have one to three years to do this, if you wait to file your claim, it may reduce your chances of it being approved. 

As a worker in Connecticut, you have the right to recover workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured or develop an illness at work. Just make sure you file within the stipulated time periods to protect your right to these benefits. 

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