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Potential consequences of ignoring a workplace injury

If you sustain an injury while working, it’s important to report the incident immediately and seek medical help. Unfortunately, too many workers ignore work-related accidents.

While it can be tempting to try to “work through it,” this may lead to more issues down the road. Some of the potential consequences of ignoring your work-caused injury can be found here.

You may run out of time

In Connecticut, you have one year from the date when the injury occurred to report it. While this is true, reporting the situation right away is recommended. If you fail to report the incident within that one-year time period, you may lose your ability to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

The injury can get worse

When it comes to injuries, they don’t tend to heal on their own. If you don’t report the incident and seek treatment, there’s a good chance it will get worse. Even if the injury was caused at work initially if you don’t report it and it does worsen, your ability to recover workers’ compensation benefits may be impacted since you waited to seek treatment.

Someone else may be injured

If you don’t report your injury, the hazard that caused it may result in someone else being hurt. This puts your co-workers at risk unnecessarily.

Report your injury and protect your right to workers’ compensation benefits

You want to make sure that a work-caused accident is treated and reported right away. Failure to do this may result in your employer or their insurance provider denying your claim when you finally bring it up. By reporting the incident immediately, you can avoid all the issues mentioned above and have a better chance of getting the benefits you deserve. 

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