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How do I appeal an SSD denial?

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a federal benefits program that offers monthly payments to eligible individuals who are no longer able to work thanks to their health challenges. These payments can make all the difference when you are burdened by medical bills and the cost of living. But what happens when your SSD claim is denied?

It is not unusual for an SSD claim to be denied. In fact, thousands of SSD claims end in denial each year. Fortunately, denial is never the end of the road for your SSD claims. You can always appeal your SSD claims denial.

Here is what you need to know about an SSD appeal.

Time is crucial when filing your appeal

If your SSD claim is denied, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will notify you of this outcome in writing. Upon receiving this outcome letter, it will be incumbent on you to submit your appeal in writing within 60 days. If you do not make your appeal within this time period, your claim will probably be denied again.

An appeal letter can strengthen your case

The Social Security appeals form only provides you a brief slot to explain why you think the original denial was wrong. However, you are free to include an attachment explaining your appeal in detail. The SSA denial letter usually contains how the decision was arrived at. It is important that you carefully read and understand these reasons (also known as an explanation of determination) before writing your appeal letter.

More evidence equals a greater chance of a positive appeal

It is important that you obtain more evidence relevant to your case when submitting your appeal. Has your condition worsened since you first applied for SSD benefits? If so, it is important that you obtain additional medical evidence to support this claim. It works best you include the latest medical report in your appeal. And while at it, be sure to be as honest as possible.

Social Security Disability (SSD) claims are denied for a number of reasons. It is important to understand the specific reasons why your claim was denied so you are better informed while appealing your SSD claim.

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