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2 ways to protect yourself on the road

Every time you set out on the road could be your last. It would only take one poor decision by another driver to cause a fatal crash or one that leaves you with serious permanent injuries.

Short of never going out, what can you do to reduce the chance a crash happens to you?

Give people space

It is impossible to have the road to yourself, but you can try to increase the distance between you and other vehicles. Staying well back from the car in front buys you extra time to maneuver out of danger. Avoiding getting boxed in between rows of cars does the same. Keeping away from the driver behind you is more challenging. However, you can pull over and let them pass if you feel they pose a risk due to following too close.

Choose when and where you drive

If you need to go to work, you need to drive a particular route at a certain time of day. Yet, sometimes you can time your travel or select your route to reduce danger. For example, taking a route through town may take longer than using a bypass, but if the traffic is moving much slower, any crash will be less damaging. Perhaps you need to pop to the store for groceries, and there are many bars along the route. Knowing that Friday and Saturday nights are more likely to see drunk drivers in the area can help you choose a safer time to shop.

However hard you try, you could still be hurt by a driver in a car crash. If so,  you will need help to understand your options for compensation.

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