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The correlation between severe spinal injuries and mental health of victims

The effects of spinal injuries are both physical and mental. Most spinal injury victims are fixated on paralysis, which is perhaps the most severe effect. However, other conditions may arise, depending on the location of your injuries. They include:

  • Pain at the site of injury
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Difficulty breathing without assistance
  • Skin problems like bedsores, among others

All these can negatively affect the quality of your life, and for the victims, life may never be the same again. Given that your life is likely to change after suffering a severe spinal injury drastically, your mental health may be affected too. You might find yourself unable to engage in the activities you used to enjoy before the injury, and your social life might have to change.

Depression and anxiety may creep in

Studies have established irrefutable links between spinal injuries and mental issues. Most spinal injury victims need permanent care and help to carry out even the most basic tasks like taking a bath. Coupled with the inability to work, they may feel like a burden to others which may lead to mental issues like depression and anxiety.

Life after a severe spinal cord injury

Life may seem unbearable after suffering a spinal injury. However, with the necessary support system and counseling, you can live your best years even with such an injury. For a start, it is in your best interest that you pursue the justice you deserve if another party was responsible for your injuries.

Compensation will not reverse the situation, but it may provide a safe landing of sorts. For instance, it could go a long way in offsetting the high costs associated with treatment and care besides ensuring your financial security. Learning more about what the law says will put you in a better place and ensure your legal rights are protected.

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