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Can slip and fall accidents be serious?

| Oct 3, 2021 | Personal Injury |

It might be tempting to consider only falls from heights or dangerous terrain when considering serious fall accidents. However, falls do not have to be from a great height to cause serious injury. 

Research suggests that one in five people who suffer slip and fall accidents require medical treatment or time off from work. As a result, it is worth considering just how serious slip and fall accidents can be. 

Slip and falls can cause severe head injuries

Arguably the most dangerous aspect of slip and fall accidents is the risk of hitting your head. Particular hazards to the head can come from falling backward or hitting protruding objects as you fall with some momentum. 

The trauma of such falls can result in swelling, bruising or even bleeding on the brain. In severe cases, injuries to the head can be catastrophic. They may result in you losing cognitive function and requiring medical assistance for life. 

Broken bones and fractures 

Slip and falls may also lead to broken bones and fractures. These types of injuries can vary in severity, depending on location and type of fracture.

One common injury with these types of incidents is broken arms. It is a natural reaction to reach out and try to prevent or cushion a fall. Fractures to the arm can be serious. Occasionally, compound fractures may break the skin, which can lead to bleeding and possible infections. Again, such injuries will typically require medical attention as well as significant time away from work. 

Understanding the potential risks of slip and fall accidents could be in your best interests. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, then you’ll want to take time to learn more about your right to compensation in your situation. 


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