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Your employer could try to deny your workers’ compensation claim

Workers’ compensation works basically as a “no-fault” insurance system for those injured while performing work-related duties. With few exceptions, nearly all employers in Norwich, Connecticut must acquire workers’ compensation insurance coverage for their employees.

Employees in the region know that workers’ comp is in place to reduce the hardships associated with workplace injuries. Imagine the shock these victims feel when they learn their employer has denied the validity of their claim.

Why would employers deny valid injuries and claims?

Purchasing workers’ compensation insurance is not cheap, and the costs rise as more and more injuries occur among an establishment’s employees. As you may know, most employers like to cut costs whenever they can. 

Unscrupulous employers may discourage injured workers from filing a claim or deny that reported injuries occurred to keep their coverage rates as low as possible. In some cases, an employer legitimately believes the worker does not have grounds to file a claim.

What can you do if your boss denies your claim?

You do not have to accept this outcome. In Connecticut, you have the right to request a hearing regarding your claim. To do so, injured workers must complete and submit a request form. The form must include the specific reason you want a hearing. You should also attach copies of supporting information and any evidence that strengthens your claim.

When granted, a hearing can occur in several formats, including emergency, formal, informal, etc. Although most of these disputes find resolution during an informal hearing, many people feel better having a legal advocate on board to protect their workers’ compensation rights and benefits. It is also a good idea to improve your understanding of Connecticut workers’ compensation laws ahead of your scheduled hearing.

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