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Can I fast-track my disability benefits application’s review?

Most Americans essentially live paycheck-to-paycheck, meaning that they can’t afford to go unpaid for a week, let alone indefinitely. This is a reality that many people suffering from certain medical conditions or injuries face, though.

Many Americans who count on their paychecks for their sustenance and have disabling conditions that affect their ability to work fortunately qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments. If you suffer from certain conditions, then the Social Security Administration (SSA) may even fast-track the review of your application. Is your condition on the list?

How does the SSA’s compassionate allowance work?

At least 240 conditions comprise the SSA’s compassionate allowance list. Rare genetic and some autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disease and some advanced cancers are also on this list. An individual who has one of these conditions is likely to have the processing of SSDI application fast-tracked.

There’s no need to notify the SSA that you’d like to be considered for a compassionate allowance if you have one of these conditions. The SSA automatically uses Quick Disability Determination (QDD) software to identify applicants who may qualify for this accelerated processing of their application for benefits.

Reviewers tend to fast-track certain applications identified by the SSA’s QDD software more than others. This includes cases in which an applicant is in hospice care, has late-stage cancer or is at risk of becoming homeless.

Applicants suffering from blindness, HIV or AIDS, deafness, an amputation, Down syndrome or 15 other intellectual or physical impairments may be eligible for six months of benefits as they await the SSA’s decision on their disability benefits application..

Do you qualify for an accelerated disability benefits review?

Applying for and receiving an answer back on your disability benefits request can be a long process. Many applicants cannot afford to wait long for answers due to financial reasons, the deterioration of their medical condition or both. You’ll want to ensure that you take all necessary measures when filling out your disability benefits application to give yourself the best chance of approval as quickly as possible.

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