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Taking pictures after a car crash can be useful

A motor vehicle accident involving serious injury often is a traumatic event you remember for the rest of your life. But while the memories of certain details seem to be crystal clear, it is still smart to take pictures of the injuries and property damage if possible. Regardless of what happens next, the victims will have a record of the incident, which is also corroborated by the injured’s medical treatment.

These can also provide the basis of a personal injury claim that proves negligence where others caused the crash and injuries. The injured (or family and friends) can help strengthen their case by preserving evidence at the crash site with photos shot on their phone. Accident investigators will also do this, but things can be changed or moved in the chaotic aftermath. Plus, they may work for an insurance company looking to dispute the facts.

Photographing the scene

Some of these will seem obvious, but others may surprise. Things to photograph:

  • All physical injuries sustained by those involved
  • All of the vehicles involved in the crash and any damage sustained
  • General views of the crash site
  • Damage to stationary objects caused by the crash
  • Skid marks and other details on the road’s surface
  • Nearby traffic signs and lights
  • License plates, drivers’ licenses and (if possible) insurance cards of all involved
  • Road and weather conditions

Safety should be the primary concern, so the injured need not further endanger themselves if the crash occurred in a dangerous location. Nor should you do this if it exacerbates any injuries suffered. A viable alternative would be for an uninjured participant or witness to take photos.

Damages and your recovery

Injured victims should focus on getting the necessary treatment for their injuries. During this time, it may be helpful to victims to pursue damages. An attorney with experience handling these kinds of cases may be able to help the victim get compensation for time away from work during recovery, related medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, and other considerations.

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