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What should employers do to make the workplace safer?

Every job comes with a few risks, even those that involve working on a computer or sitting at a desk most of the time. Connecticut workers have the right to a reasonable expectation of safety while they are on the job, and employers have a specific responsibility to implement and enforce safety standards. Safety plans and needs will change over time, and it’s crucial to update rules and regulations as needed.

If you work at a place where the safety plan is the same as it was when the business started, it is time for an update. Failure to regularly review policies could place workers at risk for injury. The workplace is rapidly changing, and safety standards should reflect new threats and needs that could make it more likely a workplace accident could take place.

Considerations for a safety plan

Many workplaces are high-risk, which means there should be specific measures in place that address the operations and potential safety hazards associated with the individual business. However, other factors could make a seemingly low-risk job more dangerous than many realize. This means current safety measures could be lacking. Consider the following:

  • Employers may need to consider putting physical barriers in place that will protect workers against the risk of sickness and disease spread.
  • The risk for workplace hostility and violence is a modern safety threat, and employers should adjust safety plans accordingly.
  • Employers should provide basic personal safety equipment necessary to do specific tasks safely.

These considerations and others can make every type of workplace safer and give employees peace of mind as they do their jobs.

Safety starts here

There are several ways employers can update safety plans, making them more appropriate for current health concerns and modern safety issues. Specific ways they can do this include:

  • Employers should establish and communicate a clear process for reporting workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Employers should perform a new risk assessment in order to determine what is necessary in a new risk management plan.
  • Employers should implement new safeguards that are necessary in order to protect workers from new threats and risks.

Workplace safety starts with a thorough assessment of new and changing safety needs. Part of prioritizing safety in all types of workplaces is to regularly assess specific risk factors and take steps to lower the chance of an accident. In the event that an employee does experience an injury on the job, he or she may explore the option of seeking financial support through a workers’ compensation claim.


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