Maximizing Compensation For Fall-Down Injuries

Most everybody has experienced the sudden embarrassment of slipping on ice in the winter. Tripping over objects or uneven pavement is common for people walking to work or taking a stroll.

Many people refer to fall-down accidents as slip, trip and fall injuries. If such a fall-down accident occurs when you are lawfully on another's property due to a hazard the property owner knew, or should have known about, you may be entitled to recover compensation to pay medical expenses and cover other damages. Injuries in a fall can be very serious. Often, the full extent of the injuries are not immediately apparent. It is important for fall-down accident victims to obtain medical attention as soon as possible after the accident.

Fall-down accidents can cause serious, life-altering injuries, including broken bones, torn ligaments, back and spinal cord injuries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fall down accidents are a leading cause of traumatic brain injury in the United States.

Put Our Experience in Your Corner

The experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Cicchiello & Cicchiello, LLC, in Norwich, take fall-down accidents seriously. Often, property owners will work quickly to repair a hazard after someone is injured. When you work with our legal team, we immediately begin preparing your case for trial. Our lawyers will visit the establishment or property where you were injured to get photographs and preserve any available evidence to build your case. Our number one goal is to get you every dollar you are entitled to receive under the law.

Common problems that create fall-down hazards leading to slip-and-fall injuries include:

  • Negligence in clearing snow and ice
  • Dangerous stairs, broken railings and inadequate lighting in stairwells
  • Pavement or floors left in a state of disrepair
  • Code violations that create a dangerous condition
  • Wet floors from mopping, or recently waxed floors that create a slick surface
  • Loose or missing door mats to control rain and ice in the entryway
  • Spilled liquids or produce

Fall-down accidents can occur in parking lots, on sidewalks, stairs and inside buildings. Since 1993, our lawyers have focused on obtaining meaningful results for clients. We have the resources to pursue claims for accidents at Indian casinos in Connecticut, in apartment complexes, government and municipal land, on private property, as well as at commercial businesses, such as stores, bars and restaurants.

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We will take decisive action if you were injured on someone else's property. For a free consultation with our Eastern Connecticut lawyers, call 860-213-8102 or 888-827-6358, or send us a brief message using our online contact form. The initial consultation is free and our lawyers do not receive a fee unless you get paid.

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