Fighting Big Business In Dangerous Products Claims

When you purchase a product, or use tools and equipment at work, you expect the product to be safe to use. Construction equipment, power tools, household goods, vehicles and children's toys should not pose a risk to your safety. New products flood the market everyday across America. Unfortunately, design defects, manufacturing flaws and inadequate safety instructions frequently lead to serious personal injuries to consumers.

The Skills, Resources and Experience to Obtain Results

If you have suffered a defective product injury, or if you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death due to a malfunctioning consumer good, you need the guidance of an experienced product liability lawyer. Fighting big business takes a unique skill set, which can only be acquired through years of experience. Founded in 1993, C & C is driven to obtaining the best results possible. Our start-to-finish personal injury representation is tailored to help ensure that your case will get the attention it deserves.

Consumer safety groups, manufacturers and government agencies frequently announce product recalls after researchers determine a product is dangerous. It is important to note that a previous product recall is not necessary to bring a defective product claim. More often than not, it is one or more personal injury claims targeting the product that grabs attention and forces the recall.

Full-Service Injury and Disability Lawyers in Eastern Connecticut

Our lawyers provide full-service injury, disability and workers' compensation representation to consumers and workers who have been harmed. Construction workers, for instance, face enormous risks every day on the job. The tools, vehicles and heavy equipment you use should not increase the risk of serious injury. We help injured workers get the workers' comp benefits they need, as well as fully investigate negligence claims against heavy equipment and tool manufacturers to provide complete representation.

The Law Offices of Cicchiello & Cicchiello, LLC, has the resources, hands-on investigatory skills and experience to handle all manners of product liability claims, such as:

  • Defective vehicles and car parts that cause injury
  • Defective power tools, including table saws, chain saws
  • Heavy equipment problems, such as a blacktop machine catching fire
  • Dangerous factory equipment
  • Defective wheelchairs
  • Dangerous household goods, including appliances, ladders and lawn mowers

Tell Us about Your Injury

To learn more about how our experienced legal team can help you, we invite you to arrange a no-pressure, free consultation with a highly skilled attorney in Norwich. Call 860-213-8102 or 888-827-6358, or send us an email now. You will pay no fee unless, and until we win compensation for you. Our lawyers serve all of Eastern Connecticut.

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